If you are already using Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Instant Accounts, or Sage Payroll, see how our hosting packages can help you maximise your software.

New to Sage? Our great deals on Sage software and our refreshingly simple hosting solution will help free you to work even more efficiently.

Sage 50 Accounts – On a Mac

We don’t only support our client running Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Payroll on Windows, we support them on their Macs too. Our Cloud platform hosts the Sage applications and we stream them to your computer.

Some great new updates to the Microsoft Remote Desktop App and macOS Mojave mean that running Sage 50 Accounts on your Mac is better than ever.

Take a look at the video, recorded in real time on a MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave in Dark Mode running our hosted Sage 50 Accounts v24/v25.

Cloud 50 Hosted Sage 50 Accounts

21st Century Business Accounting

In an era when so much happens online why not do your business finances online too? With Cloud 50 we provide a secure hosting solution that allows you to access your Sage data anywhere, anytime, from any device.

A Common Sense Philosophy

Cloud 50 will free you from the limitations of Sage Drive and the fear of data clashes and syncing problems.

We recognise that data no longer needs to be stored on or synced between multiple local machines via the cloud.

This is why Cloud 50 operates in the cloud all the time...

Everything in the Cloud

Our unique hosting solution takes the Sage software specification favoured by your business and installs it once on a high security, high speed server. This server belongs to you: it is your own personal cloud.

No need for data copies. No need for downloads. All of your accounting data is stored in one place – the cloud – ensuring instant synchronization for multiple users.

You and up to 19 others can access your live accounts simultaneously whether you are using your PC, Mac, iPad, android or iPhone. Whichever device you choose, you have full access to 100% of the Sage features to which you have become accustomed but none of the syncing risks.

We can also host Microsoft Excel and Outlook on your new server, syncing them with Sage to facilitate high speed, joined up business accounting.

Cloud 50 offers you tailored Sage specifications and 24/7 access to live data: a solution which gives you the flexibility to run your business from home or on the go.

What Sage Products Can Cloud 50 Host?

In our UK Data Centres we are able to host many Sage products, typically all versions of Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Payroll and Sage Instant Accounts with many of the additions and add ons.

For our Sage Hosting customers we also offer to host Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft products to support the business use of their Sage products.

Many of our clients have bespoke solutions, as each server is hand built for each business we are able to accommodate a number of variations, if your think your requirements may be difficult, just ask, we are sure we can help.

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