There is no minimum term. Your contract can be cancelled at any point and your data returned to your desktop installation of Sage.*

We charge an initial set up fee (now includes Google Drive backup as standard) and then a monthly rental per concurrent user (minimum 2 users).

Cloud 50 Tariff 2019 - Prices Plus VAT
Setup Fee£125.00£125.00£125.00£125.00£125.00
Monthly Fee£52.50£75.00£100.00£120.00£140.00
Setup Fee£125.00£125.00£125.00£125.00£125.00
Monthly Fee£160.00£180.00£200.00£220.00POA

Monthly payments to be made by standing order or collected by direct debit.

If you need than 10 users, or have any questions relating to the suitability of your Sage licence for hosting please talk to us.

Now includes our cloud backup as standard, you are advised to take local backups too.

*No part repayment of monthly fee and sufficient time should be allowed obtain a backup of all data files.