New Cloud 50 pricing effective on all new and existing servers for invoices issued after 6 January 2024.

There is no minimum term. Your contract can be cancelled at any point and your data returned to your desktop installation of Sage.*

We charge an initial set up fee (now includes our internal Cloud backup as standard) and then a monthly rental per concurrent user (minimum 3 users). For extra piece of mind we can enable snapshot backups of the entire server instance to enable swift disaster recovery, for typical servers this is around £40.00 + VAT per month.

Sage 50cloud Accounts and Sage 50cloud Payroll in year updates are now free, we only charge for updating the version. If we need to move your instance to a new server the migration is also free of charge.

The prices in the table below are the total monthly rates for the number of specified concurrent users. For example, if you are looking for up to a 3 user hosting solution the total monthly cost is £135.00 + VAT.

As many of our clients require bespoke hosting solutions based on their own specific needs we may need to adjust pricing accordingly.

We are able to increase the specification and performance of all of our servers to meet your needs, the example above is for Windows 2022 Server running on Solid State Disk architecture, ideal for up to 3 users for Sage 50cloud Accounts and Sage 50cloud Payroll. Your needs may vary and we are happy to discuss that.

All Cloud 50 servers now come with Microsoft 365 / Office 365 installed as standard, you will need to make sure you have appropriate licensing for the products you need to use.

Cloud 50 Tariff 2024 - Prices Plus VAT
Setup Fee£175.00£175.00£175.00£175.00£175.00
Monthly FeeAsk Us£135.00£175.00£205.00£235.00
Setup Fee£175.00£175.00£175.00£175.00£175.00
Monthly Fee£265.00£295.00£320.00£350.00POA

Installation Fees

Standard Installation£175.00
Additional 3rd Party Ingetration£75.00
Paperless Integration£75.00
Excel2Sage Integration£75.00
AutoEntry IntegrationFree
Other 3rd Party Integrations£75.00
Microsoft 365 / Office 365
(Appropriate Licence for Shared Computer Activation Required)

Additional Services

Additional Occasional User (Per Month)£12.00
Sage 50cloud Payroll UpdatesFree
Sage 50cloud Accounts UpdatesFree
Sage 50cloud Accounts – Version Update£75.00
3rd Party Integration Updates£75.00
Other Software Updates£75.00

Monthly payments to be made by standing order or collected by direct debit.

If you need than 10 users, or have any questions relating to the suitability of your Sage licence for hosting please talk to us.

Now includes our cloud backup as standard, you are advised to take local backups too.

*No part repayment of monthly fee and sufficient time should be allowed obtain a backup of all data files.